A frame enlargement from Bottom of the Sea (Lubin Manufacturing Co., US 1914) Preserved by Pat Doyen (United States) at Haghefilm, Amsterdam

Frame Enlargement from Screen Snapshots #7 (1924) Preserved by Anne Smatla (United States) at Monaco Digital Film Labs, part of the San Francisco Silent Film Festival Preservation Fellowship

Haghefilm Digitaal Preservation Laboratories selects the recipient of the fellowship in consultation with The L. Jeffrey Selznick School of Film Preservation. To be eligible for the fellowship, students must have successfully completed the Selznick School requirements, hold a valid passport and, when applicable, a tourist visa. The Haghefilm Fellowship must be fulfilled between July 1st and September 30th during the year of graduation.

The Haghefilm Digitaal Conservation Laboratories in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, awards a fellowship to one student each year upon his or her graduation from The L. Jeffrey Selznick School of Film Preservation. The fellowship supports the student for one month of study and archival training at the Haghefilm Laboratories, including all travel and lodging expenses. During the term of the fellowship, the student will preserve a short film from the George Eastman House Collection. The restored film is then presented internationally at festivals, museums, and conferences, including a World Premiere at Le Giornate del Cinema Muto silent film festival. Haghefilm funds transportation and lodging for the fellowship winner to attend the festival and present his or her restoration to an international audience. The student is given credit on the restored print and receives one video copy of the film.

Previous Recipients:

  • 1998: Catherine Cormon (Switzerland, France)
  • 1999: Giovanni Schiano Lomoriello (Italy)
  • 2000: Wendy Glickman (United States)
  • 2001: Brigitte Paulowitz (Austria)
  • 2002: Sonia Genaitay (France)
  • 2003: Susan Busam (United States)
  • 2004: Annette Groschke (Germany)
  • 2005: Ulrich Rüdel (Germany)
  • 2006: Pat Doyen (United States)
  • 2007: Daniela Curro (Italy); Vincent Pirozzi (United States)
  • 2008: Tatiana Carvalho (Brazil)
  • 2009: Sabrina Negri (Italy)
  • 2010: Karin Carlson (United States)
  • 2011: Clara Sánchez-Dehesa Galán (Spain)
  • 2012: Josh Romphf (Canada)
  • 2013: Carole Fodor (France)
  • 2014: Lauren Alberque (United States)

The Pordenone Silent Film Festival Fellowship is awarded to a student of The L. Jeffrey Selznick School of Film Preservation interested in the historical research and archival study of silent cinema and willing to attend the Giornate del Cinema Muto, held every year for eight days during the first half of October in the town of Pordenone, Italy.

The winner of the fellowship will be expected to work during the academic year preceding the festival on the following projects: (1) a comprehensive catalog of all the films shown during the Pordenone Silent Film Festival from 1982 to the present and (2) the annual program brochure of the festival.

In order to be eligible for the fellowship, candidates must demonstrate outstanding abilities in retrieving, copying, organizing, and editing filmographic information; editing texts from contributors to the program; handling correspondence with the festival staff and with the specialists involved in the projects; as well as managing data on computer databases. Meticulousness, efficiency, ability to handle multiple tasks, and troubleshooting skills are essential requirements for the above assignments.

The winner of the fellowship will be invited to the Pordenone Silent Film Festival immediately following graduation. Roundtrip airfare, lodging for the duration of the festival, and accreditation to the Pordenone Silent Film Festival will be provided by the festival office. The name of the recipient will be announced no later than December 31st of the year preceding the festival. By accepting the fellowship, the recipient agrees to undertake and complete the assignments outlined above in a manner satisfactory to the Board of Directors of the Pordenone Silent Film Festival by September 30th of the year in which the festival takes place. Failure to successfully meet all assignments will result in the withdrawal of the scholarship and the cancellation of the travel and lodging reservations.

Previous Recipients:

  • 1999: Cindi Rowell (United States)
  • 2000: Mark Toscano (United States), Julie Buck (United States)
  • 2001: Anke Mebold (Germany)
  • 2002: Linda Shah (United States)
  • 2003: Ember Lundgren (Canada)
  • 2004: Brendan Burchill (United States)
  • 2005: Albert Steg (United States)
  • 2006: Brian Meacham (United States)
  • 2007: Alice Moscoso (France)
  • 2008: Rita Monica Nicola (United States)
  • 2009: James Layton (United Kingdom)
  • 2010: Mason Rader (United States)
  • 2011: Tara Kelley (United States)
  • 2012: Crystal Kui (United States)
  • 2013: Almudena Escobar López (Spain)
  • 2014: Clara Auclair (France)

The L. Jeffrey Selznick School of Film Preservation, in cooperation with the Image Permanence Institute, has established the Image Permanence Institute Selznick School Internship.

The Image Permanence Institute is a university-based, nonprofit research laboratory devoted to scientific research in the preservation of visual and other forms of recorded information. The Image Permanence Institute was founded in 1985 through the combined efforts and sponsorship of the Rochester Institute of Technology and the Society for Imaging Science and Technology.

Since the late 1980s, the Image Permanence Institute has focused on developing strategies for the preservation of imaging materials, most notably photographic materials. Work on film has been an integral part of the Image Permanence Institute's research efforts over the years.

The purpose of the Internship is to give a student of merit who is committed to the preservation of moving images the opportunity to acquire practical experience in preservation research, which in turn will support the continued development of leaders in the field of moving image archiving and conservation.

During the 6- to 8-week internship period, the student will become familiar with the research programs, staff, and equipment at the Image Permanence Institute. In addition, the student will work on existing projects or, if appropriate, do research under the guidance of the Image Permanence Institute staff.

Previous Recipients:

  • 2008: Jennifer Miko (United States)
  • 2009: Rachel E. Bauer (United States)
  • 2010: Joshua Haidet (United States)
  • 2011: Marissa Haddock (United States)
  • 2012: Andrew Whitmore (United States)
  • 2013: Shannon Fitzpatrick (United States)
  • 2014: Joshua Yocum (United States)